SetUp And TearDown

Add SetUp and TearDown functions to the test script, and passes the references to the framework via the Export function.


setUp and tearDown are reserved keywords for registering the SetUp and TearDown functions with the framework.

SetUp and TearDown will only be run once by a worker during the entire test, before the test starts and before it ends, respectively.

Code example

package main

import (

func SetUp(logger *log.Logger) {
	logger.Print("SetUp has been executed.")

func TearDown(logger *log.Logger) {
	logger.Print("TearDown has been executed.")

func SimpleCase(client *json.Client) {
	_ = client.R().Get("")
	time.Sleep(5 * time.Second)

func Export() map[string]interface{} {
	return map[string]interface{}{
		"setUp": SetUp,
		"tearDown": TearDown,
		"SimpleCase": SimpleCase,