Merging JSON Data

For example, there are two sets of JSON data and they are encapsulated in d1 and d2 respectively:

d1 := json.D(`
        "key1": "value1",
        "key2": [10, 20]

d2 := json.D(`
        "key2": {
            "key21": 0
        "key3": 10

d2 can be merged with d1 using the following method:

d1.Merge("", d2.GetJson(""))

The first parameter of the Merge function is the position in d1 where d2 is merged, and "" indicates that the merge is performed at the root of d1.

d2.GetJson("") indicates that the data encapsulated in d2 is converted to a JSON string.

If the key in d2 overlaps with the key in d1, the data in d2 prevails.